Prescribed and Other Fire Emissions: Particulate Matter Deterministic & Empirical Tagging & Assessment of Impacts on Levels (PMDETAIL) Project

The PMDETAIL website is now active!

The 3-year PMDETAIL project, funded by the Joint Fire Sciences Program (JFSP), will quantify the impact of prescribed and other fire sources on particulate matter (characterized as PM2.5 and PM10) levels across the continental U.S. It will also develop new fire emissions inventories and computational modules for chemical transport models to simulate the atmospheric transformations of these emissions. The resulting models (CAMx and PMCAMx) and inventories will be evaluated against field measurements for 2002, 2008, and 2011. CAMx is a publicly available chemical transport model (CTM) used for regulatory purposes, while PMCAMx is its research version developed by the CMU team. We will leverage and significant extend emission inventory development and CAMx modeling from an ongoing JFSP study, Deterministic and Empirical Assessment of Smoke's Contribution to Ozone (DEASCO3).

Project Documents

Technical Proposal to JFSP. PDF

Tom Moore
Air Quality Program Manager, Western Governors' Association

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